Charlie Dempsey

A Muggle-Born Animagus Auror who specializes in Transfiguration


Brief Bio:

Charlie Dempsey was born to Muggle Parents in Boston, Massachusetts. He had a dreadfully normal childhood until one day he accidentally turned one of his stuffed animals, a penguin named Wally Wabbles, real. The DMP was quick to send this Muggle-born wizard a magic tutor, Dr. David Eccelsmith, to instruct Charlie and protect the Statute of Secrecy. Dr. Eccelsmith not only tutored Charlie, but prepared him to attend the Salem Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardy where, thanks to his high marks on his practical exams, Charlie was given a full-ride. While there he became a world-ranked wizard duelist. He was also asked to join the prestigious Hangman’s Quarry Fraternity. While pledging the Quarry, he and the other Muggle-born/Half-blood pledges were subjected to a terrible attack where they were transformed into animals and forced to fight each other, all in the name of “hazing”. Charlie was turned into a cat and was forced to fight off another pledge who was turned into a raccoon. Luckily the fighting ring was broken up by the Elders of the Frat and the Brothers who were responsible for the “hazing” were quickly ejected from the order. Charlie remained a member of the Quarry, refusing to let his attackers scare him away, but it incited a righteous fury in him for Muggle-born rights and vengeful anger toward any who would harm them. Charlie eventually became the Salem Institute’s first Muggle-born Valedictorian, graduating with a Master’s in Transfiguration, emphasis in Transformations (becoming a cat Animagus was his Practical Thesis) and a Master’s in History of Magic, emphasis in Wizardy in Colonial America. Charlie decided to make the most of his dueling abilities and passion for Muggle-born rights and joined the NYAD. He resides in a small apartment in Tovenaar (Toven) Heights.

Extended Bio:

Charlie Dempsey was born in Roxbury, a small neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts to Maggie and Denny Dempsey in the Spring of 1989. Being born to Muggle parents, he grew up completely unaware that magic could exist outside of the bedtime stories Maggie would read him. Of course all of that changed after his 10th birthday.

While playing with his favorite toy, a stuffed penguin named Wally Waddles, he wished that the toy were real. He closed his eyes, focused on the image of a real live penguin, and much to his surprise, the toy came to life. He was elated! Of course his parents wouldn’t let him keep a live penguin in the house so he spent a week hiding Wally in different places, but every night after Maggie put him to bed, Wally would come and sleep cuddled next to Charlie, like he had done Charlie’s whole life. Charlie thought that if he could just keep Wally hidden away until he moved out, 8 years later, everything would be fine. 8 years wasn’t that long. That is until there was a strange knock at the door 2 weeks in.

Standing in the door frame was a man in his early 40s, dressed in slightly dated clothes, none of which seemed to come from the same decade. He introduced himself as Dr. David Eccelsmith and told Mr. & Mrs. Dempsey that their son was quite remarkable, that he was capable of doing things that defied all reason, that he was magically inclined. Of course the Dempsey’s immediately thought him a crackpot and attempted to send him away, and then he asked Charlie about Wally. Charlie knew this man wasn’t lying and he wanted to know more, so Charlie reluctantly told his parents about his new pet. It was then that Dr. Eccelsmith told the Dempsey’s about the Wizarding World and that Charlie was meant to be a part of it. He told them of the Wizarding Schools in England, France, and Russia, and that if they lived in a place where such a school existed, Charlie would have been admitted to learn his new craft. Unfortunately no such place existed here. The doctor went on to explain that he was sent by the DMP to instruct Charlie in magic, to not only his benefit, but also to protect the International Statute of Secrecy.

So, for the next 7 years Charlie learned everything Dr. Eccelsmith knew about the ways of magic and the Wizarding World. When the time came to apply to colleges, Dr. Eccelsmith persuaded Charlie to apply to some Wizarding Schools in the US for further education since he had scored so high on his applied exams. He applied to Wappinger University, the Marie Laveaux University of Voodoo (as a safety school), and a few others. He was astonished to find a letter, delivered by owl, from the Salem Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the most prestigious Wizarding School in the country, offering him not only admittance, but a full-ride. They would take care of his tuition, his housing, and send him to England to collect his essential school materials, including a wand from Ollivander himself.

Fully equipped and ready to go, Charlie said goodbye to his parents. He left Wally in their care and before he left cast a spell on him (with the help of Dr. Eccelsmith). The spell would allow Wally to live as long as Charlie did. In this way his parents would always know Charlie was alright while living in the Wizarding World.

Charlie flourished in Salem. He received top marks in his classes, a discovered he was something of a Transfiguration savant. He joined the Salem Institute Academy of Duelists and by his senior year was not only the squad captain, but a world-ranked duelist, He was also fiendishly interested in the History of Wizardy in the US, deciding to Double Major in Transfiguration empashsis in Transformations and History of Magic emphasis in Early American Wizardary. Maybe it was innate curiosity, or being in Salem, but the Trials of 1692 became an obsession. He even wrote a paper his freshman year (which would later evolve into his Masters Thesis) on a theory he had devised, explaining that the trials were all a rouse. That there were two warring factions of Wizards living in/near Salem, then one faction accused the other of witchcraft in front of the townspeople of Salem and let the Muggles finish off their enemies for them. It was this paper that piqued the interest of one of the school’s oldest and most prestigious fraternities, The Hangman’s Quarry (known as the Quarry for short).

(to be continued)

Charlie Dempsey

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